Christopher Maher, Alice Echo-News Journal

In the hearing of visitors portion of Monday's meeting, two Alice teenagers spoke on behalf of a group of skateboarders who requested that the city build a skate park.

Michael Garcia said the group had received complaints from local residents, business owners and police officers when they skate boarded on city streets or in parking lots. The solution, Garcia said, is for the city to construct a skate park.

"We propose that the city build a skate park, a place where skateboarders, roller bladers and bikers can practice what they love to do," Garcia said. "I want to ask the council to have a committee put together immediately to work with local youth to make this a reality."

Joseph Rodriguez agreed with Garcia and said most of the negative comments made toward skateboarders are because of a lack of understanding from the community.

"Everyone's getting upset with us," Rodriguez said. "We're just doing what we like to do, and we're getting tired of (complaints)."

City Manager Albert Uresti told the council city staff will research the issue and bring a recommendation to the council.