Suspects were arrested earlier for another shooting

Ofelia Garcia Hunter, Alice Echo-News Journal

Several shots fired in a drive-by shooting between known gang members hit a wheelbarrow and the side of a house on the 500 block of Kentucky Street on Monday, police said.

"It's dangerous because there's innocent by-standers that have nothing to do with their dispute," said homeowner Diana Nava Thursday about the bullets that hit her house.

The four suspects were arrested for another alleged drive-by shooting on the 700 block of Jefferson Drive that same morning.

The suspects are Anthony Ruiz, Romeo Garcia, Henry Bernal Jr. and Lionel Morin, the report said.

They were arrested Monday morning and charged with deadly conduct and engaging in organized criminal activity. They were transported to the Jim Wells County jail.

According to the police report, the homeowner showed police a bullet hole he noticed Monday evening that went through a wheelbarrow lying near a shed on the south east corner of his back yard and another hole which was in the house on the south east corner.

"Our bedrooms are on that end," said homeowner Diana Nava Thursday. "It was when my husband was working in the yard and he and my grandson saw the bullet holes."

The bullet casings could not be located, the report said, but the holes are visible on the side of the house and pierced through a steel wheelbarrow.

"While the vehicles were near their residence they heard gun shots from an unknown caliber firearm," neighbors said, according to the report. "The vehicle was last heard around the park area on Fifth and Peter streets."

The suspects claimed that they were gang members of the Brown and Proud and were being chased by other rival gang members of the Latin Kings and were being shot at. The case was referred to the Criminal Investigation Division, officials said.