Possible violation of internal policy reported by sheriff

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Alice Echo-News Journal

A Jim Wells County sheriff's deputy was placed on suspension this week while under an internal investigation, Sheriff Oscar Lopez said.

Criminal Investigation Division officer Vicky Puente was placed on six days suspension without pay on Monday, while JWC Sheriff's Department Administrator Richard Palacios conducts an internal investigation into a “non-criminal” matter, Lopez said Wednesday.

“It's an internal department deal, and doesn't have to do with the public,” Lopez said.

“She hasn't stolen or done anything wrong. It is an investigation involving rules and regulations, a policy issue.”

Lopez said no other officer in the department has been suspended in connection to the non-criminal matter.

He would not state what specific policy issue was in question.

The Alice Echo News Journal submitted a Freedom of Information request for Puente's personnel file Wednesday afternoon, and calls to Puente for comment were not returned.