Isassi also accused of improper influence in relative's case

Georgia Wingate Thompson, Kleberg County Correspondent

Kleberg County Attorney Alfred Isassi was recently indicted on one count of abuse of power in his official capacity and three counts of improper influence.

Isassi said he could not comment on the indictments.

The indictments concern a 2005 felony count of Isassi's relative, who was arrested for evading in a vehicle.

The charges allege Isassi told an assistant district attorney that the charges were to be dismissed. The indictment also alleges he told employees of the county probation department that the relative did not have to report for pretrial supervision.

Kleberg County Commissioners Court Judge Pete De La Garza, also an attorney, said he didn't hear the evidence presented to the grand jury and was not in a position to pass judgment on them.

"I don't question their intelligence and job," said De La Garza. "This is merely an accusation and it doesn't mean anything until and if, if there is a conviction."

Isassi has continued to work in his position as county misdemeanor judge and De La Garza said Isassi was entitled to work.

"It was not an accusation of a crime of alcohol or moral turpitude," said De La Garza. "Bond was set and there were no other conditions other than to pay it and he did."