Ofelia Garcia Hunter, Alice Echo-News Journal

A woman was assaulted at a bar Thursday early morning when she was cut several times on her upper torso with broken glass, police report said.

According to the police report, a woman identified as Graciela Fenter attacked another woman at a bar establishment on the 100 block of South Aransas Street. Employees separated the two women as Fenter was on top of the other female, the report said.

The victim, Mary Ann Moreno, was cut several times with a sharp glass object, the report said. Moreno suffered lacerations to her left cheek, throat, right and middle portion of her chest, the report continued.

Moreno was transported to CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Alice for medical treatment.

Fenter was arrested and transported to the Jim Wells County jail. Fenter faces charges of aggravated assault causing bodily injury. She was released from jail Thursday on a $500 surety bond.