Saenz-Lopez speaks to Noonan third graders

Ofelia Garcia Hunter, Alice Echo-News Journal

About 120 third-grade students at Noonan Elementary School received a crash course on local government Friday by visiting with Mayor Grace Saenz-Lopez .

Where do you live? Are you rich? Do you know the president? And what kind of house do you live in? These were some of the scrutinizing questions the mayor was answering along with some about her duties.

The third-grade Noonan students sat on the cafeteria floor. Each were eager to ask the mayor a question as they held their hand in the air, waving and hoping to be picked by the mayor.

Saenz-Lopez responded to every question, whether it was personal or about her job as a mayor.

"I get to go to a lot of places," she told the students. "It's fun being a mayor because I get to represent all of you."

Erica Mata, 8, said she could tell the mayor enjoyed her duties.

"I learned that she loves being a mayor," she said.

Gloria Bibanco, 8, wanted to know who would help her in the city.

"She has the city council, I think she has four," Gloria said.

Christiana Villegas's view was that all mayors are people.

"I learned that she loves to be the mayor of Alice," Christiana, 8, said. "She sometimes has work and sometimes she doesn't and that all mayors are people and they are all different."

She also asked why the city didn't have a city garden.

Saenz-Lopez said as they work on upgrading Lake Findley, it was possible she could propose a city garden near the lake.

Emilio Chapa, 8, asked the mayor if she ever gets frustrated being a mayor.

The mayor responded that at times it gets hard when they don't have enough money to go around for city projects.

"Not being able to have enough money in the budget to do everything we need, like fixing all the streets," Saenz-Lopez told the third-grade students.