School awaiting test results

Christopher Maher, Alice Echo-News Journal

Officials at San Diego High School confirmed Thursday that one student is currently undergoing testing for a possible staph infection, but said no additional cases have been reported.

San Diego High School Athletic Director Tom Carrera said Thursday that a freshman student informed him Tuesday morning that the student had been tested for a possible staph infection.

"They think it might be, but they're not sure," Carrera said. "We had a dead week this week, so we gave him the week off so it can get cleared up."

Test results verifying the diagnosis had not been received by the district by Thursday.

Carrera said last school year the high school had as many as five cases of staph infection reported, primarily in the athletic department. Those cases prompted the school to take several steps to curb infection, Carrera said.

Those steps included the purchase of hand sanitizers for the athletes, an air purifier and a power wash system to spray down the walls, lockers and equipment in the locker room.

That power wash system is used on a daily basis, Carrera said.

The system has been effective, Carrera said. In addition to the possible case reported this week, the high school has only had one confirmed case of staph infection this year, reported in early September. That student was treated without missing a day of school, Carrera said.

"This was a concern for us last year, so we took every precaution we can for it," Carrera said. "Naturally, we can't be 100 percent, it's just out there. It spreads quickly, and every school in America deals with it."