Events include live entertainment, rodeo, BBQ

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Orange Grove Journal

The Orange Grove City Council held its second meeting with the Orange Grove Area Museum Board last week to finalize several plans for the upcoming Orange Grove Centennial Celebration April 18 and 19.

Four local groups have been secured so far for entertainment that weekend, including Cadillac Overdrive, Tyler McCumber, Los Compadres De Alice and El Poder De Tejas.

Invitations have already been sent to local, county and state officials, and Mayor Seale Brand along with City Administrator Rick Lopez have notified surrounding businesses and refiners for donations. Letters will be sent to Orange Grove alumni about the celebration.

Orange Grove Police Chief Karl Van Slooten has contacted the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department for extra security at the event.

The Orange Grove Centennial celebration will kick off on the weekend of April 18 and 19 with a "head and heeling" roping. The open roping event will be on the evening of Friday, April 18, at the Foster Arena located east of Orange Grove on FM 738. There will be food and soft drinks at the roping. Roping will start at 7 p.m. The city is currently checking into liability insurance for the events.

The Orange Grove Area Museum will sponsor its annual Pioneer Days Festival in downtown Orange Grove on Saturday, April 19. The event will feature a barbecue meal to be served in the Senior Citizens Center, vendor booths selling arts and crafts as well as food, pioneer demonstrations both inside of the museum and outside, a raffle, a baked goods contest, washer and horseshoe pitching and entertainment. Anyone wishing to rent a vendor booth, or participate in the festival in any way should call Betty Box at 384-1300 Wednesday through Saturday.

The City of Orange Grove will also sponsor a parade and on Saturday, April 19, to coincide with the Pioneer Days event.

"Everyone is invited to Downtown Orange Grove to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of our community's founding," said Seale Brand, mayor of Orange Grove.

The City of Orange Grove, in collaboration with the Orange Grove Volunteer Fire Department, will sponsor a cook-off of a variety of classes of meat. Posters are currently set up around town and the surrounding area detailing the event. Mobile booths will be set up during the centennial to sell beer.

The city is also in the process of working on memorabilia for the event. Koozies have been approved and ordered. The Centennial Committee is still working on the caps and T-shirts for the event.

The designs have been approved for the event, but the city is in the process of getting bids for the work. There are also centennial commemorative plates on sale for the event through the Orange Grove Area Museum.

Premier Auto Collision Center in Orange Grove will be sponsoring a Classic Car Show on Saturday, April 19. Restored automobiles from the past will be on display. Various contests and awards including a "Best in Show" will be presented.

The show will be held at the Senior Citizens Center parking lot.