Dumping persists here despite posting of signs

Ofelia Garcia Hunter, The Premont Journal

With posted signs warning people against illegal dumping, people still continue to dump debris and trash on the side of county roadways, said Jim Wells County abatement officer Hector Zertuche Sr.

"A lot of illegal dumping is occurring on County Road 431, next to the roadway," Zertuche said. "There are signs and they still dump and they need to stop."

Zertuche said illegal dumping could result in misdemeanor citations of either Class A or Class B. Class A citation charges are dumping of more than 500 pounds of items that is punishable by up to $4,000 in fines and one year in jail. The Class B charge for dumping of less than 500 pounds has a maximum fine of $2,000 and no more than six months in jail.

Zertuche recently gave citations to three individuals for separate cases of illegal dumping in the county, near the city of Premont.

On Sept. 21, trash was dumped at the entrance of the city's incinerators site on County Road 431, the report said.

"There were two piles of trash, one very large and another smaller one," Zertuche's report said. "The trash consisted of clothes, furniture, paper trash, chairs, carpet and plastic items."

According to the report, the tenant had moved out of a rental home on Sept. 14, and she stated that she had left the trash to be picked up by the garbage carriers. Witnesses in the report said that they saw the landlord Domingo C. Carrillo hauling the trash on Sept. 19 and Sept. 20 on two trailers. The report said that Carrillo received a Class B citation.

In the second separate case on Oct. 1, trash was located on County Road 431, also near the entrance of the city. The report stated that "the trash bags were full of beer bottles and other waste. The boxes had a black and yellow tote bag and other papers and a folder with papers."

The report said that letters and statements were addressed to Jose Arrellano and Crystal Arrellano. The Arrellano's received a citation for illegal dumping, the report said.

The weight of the trash was 23 pounds, the report stated.

Also on Oct. 1, Zertuche discovered trash scattered along County Road 420, near County Road 415.

"The trash consisted of household trash, beer boxes, magazines, numerous dolls, clothes and an electric fan cover," the report said.

The report said that the trash found weighed 12 pounds. In this third case, Laura Bautista was charged for illegal dumping, the report said.

All of the cases were forwarded to the Jim Wells County attorney's office.