On Wednesday March 12, the San Diego High School Band competed in UIL Concert and Sightreading. The Mighty Vaquero Band rated a "Sweepstakes" trophy.

Out of 10 high school bands in the region, only four received trophies for sweepstakes.

Mr. John Vela, Head Band Director, had this to say, "They made history, and it was awesome, I am very proud of our students".

What is sweepstakes? Sweepstakes means getting a first division in Marching, first division in Concert, and a first division in Sightreading.

This award surprised most of the students in band. They made Vaquero history because no other San Diego High School band has ever won the coveted Sweepstakes award. Junior Kassandra Cadena said, "It's awesome, we got sweepstakes and experienced history in the making. I just wished it was an area year."

"The Band did very well during the performance and I was very pleased with their sightreading performance and results," Mr. Vela said

He added that several other band directors from our region were also very pleased with San Diego's success and congratulated our school and band students enthusiastically.

"Hopefully we have portrayed a positive example for our school," Mr. Vela also said. He added that SDHS administration, school board, community and most especially parents are very supportive of the band program. Their support shows in the Vaquero band's success.

"I'm glad to say this was my last year of high school band, and this was the best above all the rest," senior Cassandra Saenz said.