Student's elbow pulled out of socket, report says

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Alice Echo-News Journal

The mother of a Salazar student filed a report Thursday with the Alice Police Department alleging a substitute teacher at the school injured her child.

This is the second alleged incident to have occurred at the campus involving a substitute teacher since the beginning of the school year.

Alice Police Department Chief Daniel Bueno said according to the APD offense report, Investigator David Esparza was called to the school at 2:15 p.m.

When he arrived, the eight year old's mother, Sandra Garcia, told police the child said she was assaulted by a substitute teacher, who grabbed her arm, Bueno said.

Salazar Elementary Principal Marina Garza, was contacted about the alleged incident, Bueno said, and the child was taken to APD headquarters where photographs of the arm were taken.

The child was also interviewed at that time. Bueno said the female substitute teacher had yet to be questioned by police, and that there were no charges filed in the case, which is still being investigated.

Garcia was called at work by the school counselor after the alleged incident.

The police report notes that Garcia said she was told the class was acting up and got delayed for lunch.

The substitute teacher lined up the students in the classroom to prepare to leave for lunch.

It was ice cream day at the school, and Garcia's daughter forgot her ice cream money from her backpack. Garcia said her daughter asked for permission to retrieve her money, and when the substitute teacher didn't answer, she thought it was O.K. to leave the line to get the money.

According to reports, Garcia said the substitute allegedly pulled her daughter's arm and said "no." The school counselor told Garcia that her daughter was with the nurse with an ice pack on her shoulder.

When Garcia arrived at the school, she saw that her daughter did have an ice pack and was crying. After seeing her daughter, she waited outside with her for police to arrive.

Garcia's mother also came to the school. Garcia said she was then asked to speak to Garza, the report said.

According to Garcia, Garza said she didn't want Garcia to call the authorities, she wanted to sit down and talk about the alleged incident, the report said.

Garcia walked out of the office at that point, according to the report.

Garcia said she then took her daughter to Dr. Nirupama Patel, where x-rays were taken.

Garcia said Patel found soft tissue bruising and her daughter's elbow was popped out of its socket. She said the elbow was popped back in, with great pain to her daughter, and she was sent home with anti-inflammatory medication.

Garcia has four children at Salazar Elementary School, and she kept them all home on Friday.

After relaying the medical information to Espinoza Friday morning, Garcia said APD wanted to send the child to Driscoll Children's Hospital next week for further evaluation.

Garza said on Friday she couldn't comment on anything until the investigation was resolved by authorities.