11 stores targeted in sting; none sold tobacco products to minors

Christopher Maher, Alice Echo-News Journal

The Alice Police Department made no arrests and issued no citations during a recent sting operation, which officials say is good news for the community.

The department recently conducted an undercover sting operation at 11 local stores, in an attempt to catch clerks who sold tobacco products to minors.

During the operation, a juvenile under the supervision of Alice Police Department officers attempted to purchase tobacco products from the stores. In every instance, store clerks refused to sell the products to the minor, officials said.

The Alice Police Department praised the following stores for refusing to sell tobacco products to minors: Murphy's USA, the Texas Star on East Main Street, Walgreen's, Aycock, the Times Market on North Texas Boulevard, Yu Mi's, the Economy store on North Texas Boulevard, Primos on North Highway 281, the Youngs Mart on North Highway 281, the Texas Star on North Highway 281 and the Food Mart on South Highway 281.

Alice Police Chief Danny Bueno said that in this case, the department was very pleased to not make any arrests or issue any tickets.

"I want to congratulate the merchants for their continued support and allowing us to work these sting operations," Bueno said. "We will continue to do our part to reduce juvenile and youth smoking."