Officer had to stun one of the men, who allegedly attacked him

Christopher Maher, Alice Echo-News Journal

An attempt by the San Diego Police Department to pull over an alleged speeder over the weekend resulted in the arrests of four people, including one who police were forced to stun with a taser.

According to San Diego Police Department reports, at 9:20 p.m. Saturday a SDPD officer observed a blue pickup truck speeding westbound on Gravis Street.

The officer attempted to initiate a traffic stop on the vehicle, but the driver refused to stop, and led the officer on a pursuit through several city streets.

"Throughout the pursuit, the driver of the vehicle showed a wanton disregard for both other drivers, as well as pedestrians," Officer Jack Rangel wrote in his report.

As the vehicle eventually came to a stop in the 200 block of West Dix Street, a passenger exited the vehicle, threw an object away and began running northbound away from the officer through the yards of several homes.

The driver of the truck, later identified as John Edward Corona, 30, also exited the truck, but complied with Officer Rangel's orders to surrender and was taken into custody.

As Corona was being placed into the patrol car, the passenger of the truck, later identified as Joe Lee Briones, 20, returned to the scene and allegedly began threatening the officer.

Several other citizens also came to the area and began attempting to interfere with the arrest while the officer was speaking with Briones, according to the report.

Briones allegedly ignored Rangel's orders to surrender and stated, "You're going to die," as he placed his hand into his front pants pocket.

Reportedly concerned for his safety, Rangel fired his taser at Briones.

"After being tased, Briones complied with my commands," Rangel wrote in his report.

Two other individuals were also reportedly arrested at the scene by the Duval County Sheriff's Department.

Leslie Gallegos, 34, was arrested for disorderly conduct, and Tanya Cordona, 33, was arrested for resisting arrest.

A search of the vehicle reportedly revealed a double-bladed knife and several open cans of beer.

Briones was charged with evading arrest on foot, retaliation and public intoxication.

John Corona was charged with evading arrest with a motor vehicle and driving while intoxicated.

All four individuals were transported to the Duval County jail.