Two men injured; deputies unsure who was the victim, who was the attacker

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Alice Echo-News Journal

Two men were sent to the hospital Friday night after an altercation erupted on County Road 354 involving a knife.

One man received minor injuries, while the other was stabbed multiple times.

Sheriff Department officials have yet to release the names of the two individuals involved in the altercation, since the case is still under investigation.

It is not clear yet which individual was the attacker and which was the victim, CID Deputy Jose S. Martinez III said on Monday.

Deputies were called out to a home on CR 354 after witnesses reported a fight in progress.

Sgt. Dryee Henrichson reported to the location, near Orange Grove, and found one individual in need of medical attention. At that same time, Precinct 3 Constable Sonny Crisp made a routine traffic stop at the Stripes store in Orange Grove, when the second individual drove up to the store, bleeding from multiple wounds.

Both individuals refused to tell officers who the attacker was or what happened at the residence, Martinez said.

No knife was found in the vehicle or at the scene, Martinez said. One man was taken by HALO-Flight to CHRISTIUS Spohn Hospital Memorial in Corpus Christi. The other was transported to CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Alice, where he was medically cleared with minor injuries. The case is currently under investigation by the Jim Wells County Sheriff Department.