The Nueces County Commissioners unanimously adopted a proclamation last week recognizing October as Czech Heritage Month.

The proclamation adopted Oct. 3 states that "Texans of Czech descent have made significant and lasting contributions to our state's prosperity, heritage and culture" and it encourages "all citizens to recognize the contributions made to this community and to South Texas by the Czech settlers and their descendants."

The proclamation says Czech settlers came to Texas in growing numbers in the late 1840s, "gravitating to the rich soil of the black lands and upper coastal plains belts from Denton to Brownsville."

"These industrious pioneers created close-knit communities that kept intact their unique old-world customs while adapting to the challenges of a new land," the proclamation says. "Czechs are renowned for their exemplary work ethics and love of democracy and have established standards of excellence as both private and public citizens to whom all can aspire…Texans of Czech extraction have made many notable contributions, both cultural and historic, to the betterment of our state."