Individuals are knocking on doors seeking money; claim to have run out of gas

Ofelia Garcia Hunter, Alice Echo-News Journal

Alice Police Chief Danny Bueno is warning residents to beware of would-be scammers who are going around town knocking on doors trying to entice people into giving them money.

"Some of them are saying that they ran out of gas and are asking for money," Bueno said. "Citizens should know that there are people out there knocking on doors at three and four in the morning."

Police officials are putting out a community warning to the residents of Alice about individuals trying to take peoples' money by scamming them into believing that they ran out of gas.

Bueno said the group has been targeting elderly residents.

He said he has been getting calls from residents about these individuals that are conning them out of their money.

Bueno said the group is also known to carry a gas container as a prop to make their story believable.

"I think they are going to the neighborhoods where senior citizens live," Bueno said. "I'm very concerned about that."

Bueno advises residents to be on the lookout.

"Do not open the door to individuals you do not know," he said. "And immediately call 9-1-1."