Rose-Garcia to appear in recurring role this season

Submitted, Alice Echo-News Journal

Alejandro Rose-Garcia, grandson of the late Marina Lopez-Gonzalez and Ramon F. Garcia of San Diego, a resident of Austin and Los Angeles, stars as "The Swede" - the new teenage love interest in the second season of "Friday Night Lights" airing this coming Friday.

The young actor, who just turned 20, is the son of San Diego High School graduate Amparo Garcia-Crow (class of '76), and has been performing since he was a little boy.

"We didn't encourage him or discourage him from acting," explains his mother, who is also an actor-director and writer (and most recently a professor of Theater and Dance at the University of Texas). To Ali acting and singing are what people do and have being doing around him since he was born."

Alejandro "Ali" has recently returned to Austin to pursue his music full-time. Besides acting, he's a singer-songwriter who has been living in Los Angeles for the last two years. He was chosen from a group of about 2,000 actors when he was 17 for "Friday Night Lights," which just happens to shoot in Austin. So without even trying, he's landed right back into acting, but right here at home, where he's the happiest doing it. I'm very proud of him," said Garcia-Crow, who also appears briefly in the first episode of the season.

"I also filmed on the first show of the season last year - I was portraying one of the football players' moms, but the scene was cut. This year, I'm delivering the coach's baby, but the scene has been significantly shortened. If you blink, you're liable to miss me."

But you won't miss her son, Alejandro, as "The Swede" who appears as a recurring character in several of the first season's episodes.

Most recently Alejandro assisted his mother at another big Austin, Texas, milestone.

"He volunteered, as many wonderful Austinites did, to help us open the new Mexican American Cultural Center," said Garcia-Crow, who runs the facility as the Education Program Manager. It was a big event for Austinites who have been waiting 30 years for this Cultural Center to become a reality."