Pictured: State troopers said a blown tire led to this truck running off the road Monday. Photo by MAURICIO JULIAN CUELLAR JR.

Mathis men uninjured in accident

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Alice Echo-News Journal

Two men drove off Highway 359 Monday afternoon after experiencing a blown tire, which sent their pickup and loaded trailer into the path of a parked tractor.

The driver, Victor Gonzalez and his passenger, Juan Francisco Reyna, both of Mathis, were traveling northbound on Hwy. 359, when Gonzalez suffered a blowout on the left side of his truck.

The blowout pushed him to the edge of the road, and he overcorrected to the left left sending him across Hwy. 359 and into a right side skid, according to DPS troopers at the scene. The pickup and the trailer plowed through a road sign while coming off the roadway near the turn onto County Road 2044.

Several tractors and mowers were parked on the grass area off Hwy. 359, and the pickup struck one of the vehicles, pushing it several feet. DPS Trooper Ismael Escobar said the trailer, which had followed the truck's path off the road, became unhooked at the time of impact, stopping several feet from the truck.

Gonzalez and Reyna were not injured during the accident, but the truck did sustain heavy damage at the point of impact and beneath the vehicle. Both men were wearing their seatbelts. Escobar said any citations would be pending once the investigation is complete.