Christopher Maher, Alice Echo-News Journal

The City of Alice will take time out to "Paws for Pets," by holding a pet fair this Saturday at Veterans Plaza Park.

The event, called "Paws for Pets 2007," will provide opportunities for pet owners to take care of needed annual care for their animals and to have a little fun.

The main service of the event will be a number of vaccinations that will be made available to pets.

Rabies vaccinations will be available at a cost of $7, parvo vaccinations will be available for $12, and rattlesnake vaccinations will be available for $20.

In addition to the vaccinations, the city will also offer a service that implants a microchip into the pets, providing information about the owners should the pet ever be lost. The cost of the microchip is $75 for a lifetime membership.

The city requires annual registration of dogs and cats within the city, and registration will be available during the event.

Pet owners will be able to obtain information regarding new animal ordinances in the city.

The event will feature a number of contests, including Best Pet Costume, Best Pet Trick, Owner and Pet Look-a-Like, and Most Unusual. A $5 donation is requested as an entry fee to all contests, and all donation money will be used to fund the city's animal shelter. Awards will be given for first and second place in each contest.

A photographer will be available to take pet pictures during the event.

Information will be available to residents who wish to adopt an animal from the city's animal shelter.

The Paws for Pets 2007 event will be held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday at Veterans Plaza Park, located at 601 Alto Street.

For contest entry forms or for more information, contact the Alice Parks and Recreation Department at 668-7260.