Gonzalez appeared before Pct. 6 JP Rodriguez

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Alice Echo-News Journal

Mario Gonzalez found out this week there is a high price to pay for illegal dumping in Jim Wells County.

The Alice resident was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly illegally dumping less than 500 pounds worth of tree limbs, PVC pipe with sprinkler heads and connections, and dead vines on County Road 144.

Precinct 6 Justice of the Peace Jose Rodriguez, based on the request of JWC Abatement Officer Hector Zertuche, set Gonzalez's bond at $10,000.

On Monday, City of Alice Code Enforcement officer Johnny Medina stopped Gonzalez on Goliad Street after he deposited a load of tree limbs, dead vines a PVC pipe on the roadway.

According to Zertuche's report, Medina issued Gonzalez a warning, and ordered him to take the debris to the Alice landfill for proper disposal.

Less than one hour later, as Zertuche drove on CR 144 to check on a previous illegal dumping call, he began to see oak tree limbs on the roadway.

As he drove further on, he noticed more debris. Zertuche contacted Medina to see if Gonzalez had taken the material to the dump as instructed.

Medina said he didn't know if Gonzalez had complied.

Travelling west on CR 144, Zertuche came upon two large piles on the north side of the roadway. Zertuche photographed the items and matched it with the items photographed by Medina an hour before. They were the same.

Zertuche then sought a warrant for Gonzalez's arrest from JP Rodriguez.

"I admit his request was a little high. Zertuche actually asked for a higher amount, but I felt that $10,000 was enough. We wanted to send a little message out there to other illegal dumpers," Rodriguez said.