City of Alice requiring $900K in improvements to infrastructure

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Alice Echo-News Journal

Alice ISD School Board Trustees approved a $172,064 change order on the new William Adams Middle School project on Tuesday.

The order, which includes an off site sanitary sewer line and water line, is part of the $910,000 worth of additional construction the City of Alice mandated for the project.

The price tag for construction of the new WAMS is $16.8 million.

Both architect LaMarr Womack and engineer Pat Coym were present at the meeting to give their opinion on the proposed change order from R.S. Parker Construction.

The additional project will tie together the water line from Fifth Street and Dickey to Fifth Street and Presnall.

The sanitary sewer line will run on the east side from Sixth Street down Dickey Street to Fifth Street and also on the west side with a plug at Fifth Street and Presnall.

Coym explained the change will allow for the abandoning of the six-inch waterline that's under the foundation and allow for abandoning the sewer line that's there.

"This is certainly a step that needs to move forward," Coym said.

"There's some potential liability because if that waterline ruptures right now, and you have damage to the area around the already built foundations, I think the contractor could argue a case to Mr. Womack about whether or not that was reasonable for him to assume that liability when he took on the project."

Coym also said the City of Alice requested to hold a reconstruction conference between himself and the contractor once the change order was issued and ready to start, so that the city's inspectors can get involved.