Diaz was wanted here on forgery

Ofelia Garcia Hunter, Alice Echo-News Journal

A man was extradicted from Austin to Alice Thursday evening on a warrant on a forgery charge, police said.

Police traveled to Austin to pick up Thomas Morales Diaz, who was wanted on a warrant for a forgery charge.

Police said Diaz allegedly stole company checks from a local business and used the checks at Ralph's grocery store sometime in 2007.

According to police, Diaz was arrested at the Austin Community College where ACC police ran a check on him when Diaz wouldn't identify himself.

Once they got his name, the university's police found out about his warrant in Alice. Diaz was arrested and transported to Travis County jail.

ACC police then contacted Alice police and they picked him up on Thursday.

Diaz was held in the Jim Wells County jail with a pre-set bond of $10,000, said jail administrator Capt. Gonzalez with the sheriff's department on Friday.