$130K project recently awarded

Christopher Maher, Alice Echo-News Journal

After several years of discussion, construction is scheduled to begin this month on a new public restroom facility at P.S. Anderson Park.

Interim-Public Works Director Baldo Cantu Jr. said Monday the city is currently executing the final contracts on the new facility, and construction should begin at the end of July.

"It's been a project that the council has been working on for awhile, and now it's going to be a reality," Cantu said.

The $130,465 project was awarded to LNV Engineering and Bar-Com Inc. by the city council on June 11.

The building, which will be constructed next to the basketball courts in P.S. Anderson Park, will be a 24 by 24 foot cinderblock building with separate restrooms for men and women.

Unlike a similar facility that is located near the municipal golf course that has been subjected to frequent vandalism, the new structure will be equipped with gates that will be closed and locked when the park closes.

Director of Parks and Recreation Debbie Harville said Monday the location of the new facility will make it easily available to everyone who visits the parks.

"This one will be more centrally located in the park, and will have access from the baseball fields, the pavilion and the swimming pool," Harville said.

"It will be fully lit, and we're adding lights to the exterior of the pavilion to make sure everything is very secure."

Construction on the new facility is expected to be complete by November.