Alleges man was beaten by owner

Christopher Maher, Jim Wells County Correspondent

A San Diego man has sued Barr Iron and Metal Company in Alice, alleging an owner of the company assaulted him during a dispute over the weight of some aluminum cans.

The lawsuit was filed in the 79th District Court on Feb. 5 by Juan A. Ruiz, against Barr Iron and Metal Company Inc. and Kenneth Ray Barr.

According to the lawsuit, Ruiz and his son, Juan A. Ruiz Jr., went to the Alice scrap metal company on June 19, 2007 to sell some aluminum cans.

While the cans were being weighed, the defendant in the suit, Barr, allegedly noticed a brick in the bottom of the container holding the cans, and became upset.

Barr allegedly tried to strike Ruiz Jr. and then punched Ruiz Sr. repeatedly, causing him to fall to the ground.

Once Ruiz was on the ground, Barr then got on top of him and continued to strike him repeatedly, according to the lawsuit.

Ruiz, who was 65 years old at the time of the assault, required medical treatment from a hospital as a result of the attack, according to the lawsuit.

Under the damages sought through the lawsuit, Ruiz alleges the attack aggravated a previous back injury, causing permanent damage.

Ruiz seeks through the lawsuit payment for medical damages, court costs and exemplary damages in connection with alleged physical and mental pain and suffering.

The defendants in the case have not yet responded to the lawsuit.