Errors in design led to 'substantial damages,' lawsuit states

Christopher Maher

Alice Echo-News Journal

The San Diego Independent School District has filed a lawsuit against two architect firms, alleging poor designs by the firms led to damages to San Diego High School.

According to the lawsuit, which was filed in the 229th District Court Dec. 6, errors by the two firms caused "substantial damages" to the San Diego High School.

Jack W. Downing Jr., an architect hired to review the two companies' work for the district, stated in an affidavit to the court that the primary issue was that the firms had not included a "vapor barrier" in the design of the school.

"A vapor barrier below the concrete slab and beams was omitted from the design and consequently was not installed," Downing wrote. "For this project, a vapor barrier is required to prevent the transmission of ground water moisture into the slab and the resulting deleterious effects.

"It is my opinion that the omission of the vapor barrier by the defendants in at the San Diego High School constitutes negligence in the practice of architecture as it is something that an ordinarily prudent architect would not do."

The lawsuit seeks a judgement against the defendants, along with court costs and interest through a jury trial.