Cause of fire believed to be a welding incident

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Alice Echo-News Journal

One of the men injured at the DCP Midstream La Gloria Gas Plant on Thursday went into surgery at a San Antonio area hospital on Friday.

Doctors were contemplating surgery for a second injured man on Saturday, said Mark Bozich, a spokesperson for Flint Energy Services.

A third individual may be released as early as this weekend, Bozich said.

The other two men injured in the flash fire incident at the plant have already been released.

All five are from the Rio Grande Valley area and are employed or contracted with Flint Energy Service.

The men were conducting a scheduled maintenance at the facility, DCP Midstream Spokesperson Roz Elliot said this week. The victims' names have yet to be released.

According to law enforcement officials who arrived at the plant shortly after the incident, the fire was not a gas explosion, but involved a welding incident with one of the gas pipes at the plant.

While working on the pipe, the official was told, some residual gas seeped from the pipe, causing a sudden burst of fire, also known as a flash fire.

Officers were told that no explosion was involved.