Brown supporter, Gonzalez, was arrested here

Christopher Maher, Alice Echo-News Journal

Following a six-month standoff with federal agents, two convicted tax evaders who had promised to fight the federal government to the death were arrested at their New Hampshire home Thursday night.

U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier announced the arrest Thursday night.

"The Browns may now begin serving their 63-month federal prison terms," Monier said, in a press release. "High profile situations like this are always difficult, but they don't have to be tragic. I'm glad no one was injured."

The New Hampshire standoff was brought to Alice last month, when a supporter of the Browns, Alice native Cirino Gonzalez, was arrested on Wright Street by federal agents. Gonzalez faces a number of federal charges in connection with his decision earlier this year to spend several months at the Browns' home, reportedly to provide "security."

In a written statement issued to the Alice Echo-News Journal, Jose Gonzalez, Cirino's father, said he was "disappointed" by the arrests.

"I am disappointed to hear that two more Americans have been abducted by federal agents for having been convicted of breaking an inexistent law," Gonzalez wrote. "Local citizens have expressed righteous indignation accompanied with genuine fear of the openly thug-like, unscrupulous tactics of the federal agents."

Monier told the Associated Press Friday the Browns were arrested by a small team of U.S. Marshals who entered the home by pretending to be supporters. The couple was arrested "without incident," Monier said.

Marshals reportedly found booby traps in the woods on the 110-acre property and weapons, ammunition and homemade bombs inside and outside the fortified home.

Ed Brown, 65, and Elaine Brown, 67, had been convicted on federal tax charges on Jan. 18, and received their sentences, in absentia, during an April 24 court hearing.

Since then the two had refused to surrender. Bolstered by several supporters, the couple remained at their 110-acre residence in Plainfield, N.H. Arrest warrants for the Browns had been issued as far back as Jan. 12, when the couple refused to attend their trial.

They had continued to possess weapons, even after their felony convictions, and had defied several court-imposed conditions during the proceedings.

Cirino Gonzalez is currently being held in a Massachusetts prison, awaiting trial on Nov. 6.