Incumbents Terrell, Garza received the most contributions

Christopher Maher, Alice Echo-News Journal

Fifteen candidates submitted campaign finance reports this week, the final round of reports due before the March 4 Primary.

In the District Judge race, both Richard Terrell and David Towler submitted reports.

Terrell reported $9,384 in contributions during the period of Feb. 1 through Feb. 24, with $18,716.34 in expenditures.

Contributions included $1,000 each from Alberto Byington Jr., Charles Forbes, Robert Gonzalez, The Alvarez Law Firm, Arnold Gonzalez and David Gonzalez; $750 from Suraj Kamat; $500 each from Elizabeth Ellzey, David Garcia and Christina Soliz; $300 from Juan Reyna; $250 from David Dunn; $200 from Cynthia Garcia; $150 from Bernie DeLaune; and $117 each from Gerardo Flores and Carol Salinas.

Expenditures included $8921.34 for advertising; $9,400 for canvassing; $350 to Rogelio Cuellar for a campaign rally; and $125 to the Alice Boys and Girls Club.

Individual payments for canvassing included $1,200 to Nora Trevino; $1,200 to Patsy Salas; $1,200 to Laura Ortiz; $1,200 to Severa Garcia; $1,200 to Ignacia Castillo; $750 to Olga Villarreal; $600 to Alonzo Villarreal; $600 to Ramona Castillo; $450 to Adriana Gonzalez; $250 to Marcos Gaza; $200 to Salvador Rios; $200 to Dora Lee Soliz; $200 to Luis Manrique; and $150 to Juan Manrique.

Towler reported $2,100 in contributions and $1,553.85 in expenditures. Contributions included $1,000 from William Tinning, $250 from Michael Elliott, $200 each from Bill Bailey and Horacio Oliveira, and $100 each from Arnold Schneider, Tracy Little, Ken Wallgren and Dale Wilson.

Expenditures included $698.95 in advertising and $765 to Ronald Salinas for signs and campaigning.

District Attorney's race

Incumbent Joe Frank Garza reported $27,950 in contributions and $23,217.92 in expenditures. Contributions included $20,000 from his wife, Hilda Garza; $3,000 from Wyatt Law Firm; $1,000 each from Adolfo Alvarez, Yzaguirre and Chapa, and Ramon Garcia; $500 each from the law firm of Hartline Dacus Barger Dreyer and Kern L.L.P., the law firm of Royston, Rayzor, Vickery and Williams, and Thomas Turner; $300 from Ray Koenning; and $150 from the law firm of Linebarger Goggan Blain and Sampson.

Expenditures included $10,100.84 for advertising, $11,850 for canvassing and $1,200 to Javier Villanueva for media consulting. Individuals who received funds for canvassing included $1,050 to Ignacia Castillo, $900 to Patsy Salas, $900 to Laura Ortiz, $900 to Severa Garcia, $800 to Salvador Rios, $750 to Domingo Lopez Jr., $600 to Tina Molina, $600 to Norma Casas, $600 to Ramona Castillo, $600 to Noemi Silva, $600 to Norma Lopez, $600 to Juan Manrique, $600 to Albert Balboa, $500 to Dora Lee Soliz, $500 to Sandra Barrera, $450 to Domingo Lopez Sr., $450 to Laura Cantu, $150 to Margarita Cordona, $150 to Debbie Garza and $150 to Gloria Martinez.

Candidate Armando Barrera reported $14,790 in contributions and $13,902.63 in expenditures. Contributions included $7,500 from the law firm of Barrera and Barrera, $5,000 from Graciela Barrera, $1,000 from Baldemar Gutierrez, $500 from Brick and Tile Mart, $350 from Jennifer Barrera, $300 from Arnold Barrera and $100 from Irma Escobar.

Expenditures included $7,252.75 for advertising, $6,050 for canvassing, $383.83 to John Macias as a reimbursement for political rally items, and $216.05 to Norma Ramirez as a reimbursement for utilities used at his campaign headquarters.

Individuals who received payment for canvassing included $975 to Paul Cruz, $700 to Rafaela Villarreal, $450 to Cindy Villarreal, $450 to Olga Villarreal, $450 to Rosa Pena, $400 to Diana Castillo, $375 to Zaida Bueno, $300 to Carolina Castillo, $300 to Eva Davila, $300 to Domitila Valdez, $300 to Amanda Salazar, $150 to Elena Sanchez, $150 to Imelda Trevino, $150 to Ofelia Villarreal, $150 to San Juana Aguilar, $150 to San Juana Cadena, $150 to Irma Gutierrez and $150 to Elma Gonzalez.

Pct. 1

Justice of the Peace

Juan Rodriguez Jr. submitted his finance report on time, and Gudalupe "Lupe" Martinez submitted his a day late.

Rodriguez reported one contribution of $1,000 by Berta Rodriguez, and one expenditure of $1,089 for advertising.

Martinez reported $5,000 in loans from himself and $6,219.18 in expenditures. Expenditures included $4,626.18 for advertising and $1,590 for canvassing

Jim Wells

County Sheriff

All three candidates submitted reports.

Incumbent Oscar Lopez reported $1,100 in contributions. Included in those contributions was $500 from Albert and Cindy Martinez, $250 each from Carlos Truan and Adan Garcia, $50 each from Robert Ramirez and Bobby Ramirez, and $20 from Maria Salinas.

Expenditures totalled $2,255.45, and included $698.86 for food for campaign workers and a fundraiser, $127 for fuel, and $1,410.71 for advertising.

Candidate Enrique Saenz reported no contributions and $3,254.87 in expenses. Expenditures included $2,556.42 to "different vendors" for fuel from June through February, $373.45 in advertising and $325 to Luis Espinoza for "campaign work."

Candidate Narciso Gonzalez reported no contributions and expenditures totalling $505.05. Expenditures included $362.19 for advertising, $99 for fuel and $43.86 for meals.

Pct. 1

County Commissioner

Melva Ramirez was the only candidate to submit a report, and hers was turned in two days late.

Ramirez reported no contributions and no expenditures on her main form, and then itemized expenditures totalling $6,272.32.

Those expenditures included $3,900 for canvassing; $1,122.33 for advertising; $450 in food for a political rally and $800 to herself for fuel while canvassing.

Individual payments for canvassing included $1,400 to Irma Gutierrez; $1,200 to Virginia Sanchez; $500 to Eva Davila; $450 to Laura Cantu; and $350 to Cindy Lopez.

Pct. 3

County Commissioner

Both candidates submitted reports.

Incumbent Oswald Alanis reported $2,100 in contributions and $1,565 in expenditures, although individual expenditures listed totalled $3,125. Contributions included $500 each from Mary Alanis and Garth Herro; $400 each from Will Klatt, Johnny Gonzalez and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Armstrong; $300 from Mark Alanis and $280 from Robert Alanis.

Expenditures included $1,725 for advertising and $1,400 for canvassing. Individual payments made for canvassing included $550 to Laura Ortiz, $260 to Cindy Rodriguez, $240 to Juan Manrique, $200 to Margarito Trevino and $150 to Salvador Rios.

J.C. Perez III reported $1,200 in contributions and $5,082.71 in expenditures, as well as $5,500 in loans to himself. Contributions included $1,000 from J.C. Perez Jr. and $100 each from Juan Carbajal and Juan Porros. Expenditures included $5,056.19 in advertising, $23.52 for rally supplies and $3 for a list of voters.

Tax Assessor-Collector

Candidate Mary Lozano reported no contributions and no expenditures, although she itemized two undated expenditures for advertising totalling $525.

Candidate Octavio Figueroa Jr. reported contributions of $350 and expenditures of $1,175.93, all for advertising. In addition to $50 in contributions of $50 or less, Figueroa reported contributions of $200 from Harry L. Reynolds and $100 from the Yvonne Gonzalez Toureilles Campaign Fund.

Pct. 6 Constable

Marcos Garcia was the only candidate to file a campaign report. He reported $2,327 in contributions and $2,176.40 in expenditures.

Contributions included $1,679 from "Unamious;" $268 from Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Barrera; $200 from David Olvera; $100 from Gabriel Zamora; $50 each from Jose Solis and Curly Lopez; and $40 each from Gemma Garcia and Juanita Gonzalez. Itemized expenditures included $732.31 for advertising. No other expenditures were detailed.