A man was arrested Thursday night for injuring his ex-girlfriends 2-year-old daughter.

An officer made contact with the 2-year-old's mother who said her ex-boyfriend had assaulted her daughter. The mother said she and her ex-boyfriend, identified as Andres Ponce, have a one-year-old son together but have been separated for awhile. Ponce called the mother and asked if he could go over and work things out with her. The mother complied and allowed him over to her residence.

The mother then said she had to go and pick up a few things at her own mother's house and was about to get the kids ready, but Ponce said to just leave them with him. The mother arrived home about 30 minutes later and after her arrival, Ponce left the residence.

The mother told the officer she began getting her kids ready for a bath and told her daughter to sit down but her daughter said no. When the mom asked her daughter why she didn't want to sit down, the daughter said it was because her bottom hurt. When the mother saw her daughter's bottom, she noticed redness all over her daughter's bottom in the shape of a hand print and also along the right-side of her face as well.

The mother asked her daughter who did that to her and the daughter said, “daddy spanked me.” The mother's 6-year-old daughter confirmed that Ponce was the one who spanked the 2-year-old. The mother then called Ponce and asked him why he hit her daughter and that she was going to call the police.

Ponce told the mom to go ahead and try to prove he had hit her. The mom told the officer Ponce might be at a residence on the 100 block of Seventh Street. When the officer arrived, he made contact with Ponce's mom who said he wasn't there but resides at a residence on the 600 block of Guadalupe St.

Ponce was found at that residence and was placed under arrest. He was transported to the Alice Police Department for processing and then to the Jim Wells County Jail for incarceration.