Easement to be returned to Koenning

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Orange Grove Journal

Orange Grove City Council members conducted two meetings in the last week.

Tuesday night, council members discussed an agreement that would revert an easement on Ryan Street back to the former owners, Jimmy and Adeline Koenning.

The agenda item was just for discussion, but it was the consensus of the members to proceed with the plans.

The council will wait the requisite 30 days, and then approve an ordinance reverting the property back to the Koennings.

City Administrator Rick Lopez said Koenning owns both sides of the easement, which the city never utilized.

Koenning, who has a home and workshop on the property, would like to put the easement to use, Lopez said.

The property was in existence when the city was laid out, as a portion of land between two lots. Since its existence, the city has never developed on the property.

The city council also discussed the issue of post office boxes. The Orange Grove Post Office will no longer offer free post office boxes to city residents.

Officials said city residents would now have the option of keeping their current boxes and paying a fee, or setting up their own mailboxes at their residences. Lopez said the post office would be sending out notices very soon about the change in service.

The Orange Grove Post Master was unavailable for comment on Wednesday.

On July 18, council members met for their regularly scheduled meeting to consider the purchasing of new computers for Lopez, City Secretary Glena Hackfeld and one for use in city hall.

The computers currently in use are several years old, and the new computers will be able to utilize current programs and have greater efficiency, city officials said.

Several bids were collected, and the cost will by $4,700 to the city, which will cover instillation, setup and necessary software. The new computers will be compatible with the old software now in use.

The council also went into closed session to conduct the city administrator's six-month performance evaluation.

Details on what was discussed was not disclosed by council members, but they did approve the evaluation.