$1.02 tax rate, .0107 vocational tax rate approved

Sue Fleming, Duval County Correspondent

Duval County commissioners adopted a new tax rate and county budget for fiscal year 2007-2008 during a special meeting held Friday, Sept. 14, at the courthouse in San Diego.

Budget Chairman County Judge Abel Aragon said he tried to be fair to everyone in keeping the county financially solid which was a difficult task.

After review, commissioners unanimously approved adoption of the new county budget totaling $$8,539,951 to become effective Oct. 1.

Expenditures show a total projected figure of $10,563,636, but with a strong fund balance, the county will have $3,685,654 in reserves.

A tax rate of $1.02 per $100 evaluation was approved for adoption by commissioners. Also approved was a vocational tax rate of .0107.

According to calculations, the vocational tax will generate about $84,000 in revenue which will be allocated to school districts, amounts determined according to student enrollment.

County employees received pay raises ranging from three to six percent.

Elected officials did not receive pay increases for the new fiscal year.