Castleberry brand hot dog sauces recalled for botulism

Staff Report, Alice Echo-News Journal

The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) is urging Texas consumers to heed instructions issued in a nationwide recall of certain hot dog sauces and other products manufactured by Castleberry Food Products of Augusta, Ga.

Consumers should not eat any of the recalled products and should discard any they have on hand.

The recall, announced last week by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the company, was done because of possible contamination with the organism that causes botulism, a serious paralytic illness.

The following products, if they have "best by" dates from April 30, 2009, through May 22, 2009, are being recalled.

Castleberry's Hot Dog Chili Sauce, 10-ounce can (UPC 3030000101); Castleberry's Austex Hot Dog Chili Sauce, 10-ounce can (UPC 3030099533); Kroger Hot Dog Chili Sauce, 10-ounce can (UPC 1111083942); Morton House Corned Beef Hash, 15-ounce can (UPC 7526665830); Cattle Drive Chili With Beans, 15-ounce can (UPC 3030001515); Southern Home Corned Beef Hash, 15-ounce can (UPC 0788015360); Meijer Corned Beef Hash, 15-ounce can (UPC 4125095229); Castleberry's Chili With Beans, 15-ounce can (UPC 3030001015); Castleberry's Barbecue Pork, 10-ounce can (UPC 3030000402); Bunker Hill Chili No Beans, 10-ounce can (UPC 7526604112).

Four people, including two from Texas, became ill after consuming Castleberry's or Castleberry's Austex hot dog chili sauce.

The other recalled products were produced in the same plant.

Anyone with symptoms of botulism should seek immediate medical attention. Symptoms may include double vision, blurred vision, drooping eyelids, slurred speech, difficulty swallowing and muscle weakness that moves progressively down the body.

Botulism can cause paralysis of the breathing muscles, which can be deadly without prompt medical attention.