Council passes resolution urging Time Warner to settle NFL Network dilemma

Sue Fleming, The Freer Press

A special award was presented by Freer Mayor Arnoldo Cantu to Manuel "Rolita" Estrada in recognition of his more than 20 years of service to the community prior to the monthly city council meeting last Monday.

"You've made many contributions to the city with long hours and dedicated work, Rola," said Mayor Arnoldo Cantu.

"You've always been there for those sick or needing help, always ready to lend a hand, said the mayor. Serving on the council, in the fire department, your work you've done makes you someone special and I'm proud to present this to you in thanks."

Afterward, the council attended to business, unanimously approving a resolution increasing Peddlers Permit fees from $5 per day to $10 per day as well as increasing yearly fees from $35 to $70.

Unanimous approval was then also voted for a Super Freeport Taxation ordinance, for the ad valorem taxation of tangible personal property in transit should the city adopt a property tax in the future.

The purchase of a sign from Signs and Graphics of Corpus Christi for a negotiable price of about $20,000 was approved following discussion.

Standing at a total height of 14 feet, the lighted sign will be erected in front of the Freer City Hall/Police Department building to designate the location to the public.

After review, the council agreed to urge Time Warner Cable to negotiate a solution for the NFL network as well as notify the cable company about complaints regarding several channels.

Concluding the meeting, the council unanimously approved splitting payment of repairs of the Duval/Freer Airport beacon light with Duval County,

Total cost of repairs is about $5,600, records show.

Attending the meeting were Sylvia Carrillo, Orlando Navarro, Andy Bierstedt, Carlos Salinas, City Secretary Cindy Lackey, Estrada and Cantu.