Alice Independent School District is dealing with water damage sustained to the new Alice High School gym floor that occurred several weeks ago when the water heater leaked.

"The insurance company wanted to do just partial repairs. But because of the age of the floor and the extent of the water damage sustained to the floor, administration is recommending full replacement," said David Flores, Chief Financial Officer with the Alice ISD. "(The district) has not received a final amount from the insurance because we are trying to get an additional amount."

The gym floor will be torn out to determine the extent of the damage, if approved by the board, said AISD Superintendent Dr. Carl Scarbrough.

Twenty percent of the gym floor has been removed. The district will work with the adjuster and do another reassessment on the cost as well as the damages.

According to Willie Ruiz, Chief Operations Officer at AISD, the materials will be shipped from Wisconsin and the project will take 45 to 55 days to complete.

The district will pay any cost not covered by the insurance.

Changes to the mechanical room have been made and employees, district-wide, have been notified to clean out all mechanical and electrical rooms to avoid further damages. Changes to the mechanical room, where the water heater was, such as drains at floor level and a concrete barrier.