Duval County - San Diego resident Priscilla Martinez Rodriguez was recently appointed as the new Duval County Emergency Management Coordinator by County Judge Rocky Carrillo.

Her first assignment to herself was to research and understand her new position. She has and continues to contact other emergency management coordinators to make sure she is equipped as well as knowledgeable to assist others.

"I need to be prepared in case of a disaster such as a hurricane or flooding. I must prepare myself in order to prepare the residents," Rodriguez said. "I will be working with city and county officials on any disaster that may occur. My goal is to be ready the county residents encounter. Having everyone safe is top priority. We all have worked hard for our possessions, but in the end a life cannot be replaced."

Rodriguez is staying in contact with state officials, FEMA and local residents who were affected by recent flooding that occurred in June.

"Rural areas were hit hard," she stated. "A few residents had to evacuate their home and returned to find all the material possessions damaged. They are now in the clean up process."

With the current hurricane season in full swing and after seeing the devastation left by Hurricane Harvey last season Rodriguez is well aware of what can happen at any time.