Court Appointed Special Advocates for children (CASA) is thrilled to welcome their newest CASA volunteer, Dora Raanaei.

This individual has chosen to be a part of our program because of her passion for children. A volunteer's passion helps  everyone come together and be a strong voice as they speak up for and on behalf of children in foster care.

When a child enters foster care because his or her home is no longer safe, a CASA volunteer can be appointed by a Judge to represent the child’s best interest. A volunteer guides a foster child through the child protective system with the goal of reaching a safe and permanent home. Volunteers often become one of the only consistent adults for a foster child, spending a significant amount of time with the child.

The work of a CASA volunteer also involves gathering information from everyone involved in the child’s daily life, including family members, foster parents, teachers, doctors and social workers. CASA volunteers use the information they collect to report to the Judge, advocating for the child’s physical and emotional needs. CASA volunteers are not foster parents; they are highly trained community advocates acting as a powerful voice for a child or sibling group.

CASA is currently seeking volunteers in Jim Wells County. To learn how you can help children in your community, join us for a 45 minute Information Session which will be held on April 11, 2018 at 12:00 pm at the Alice Chamber of Commerce and every second Wed. of the month. You can also find find local CASA program at or contact Nicole at 361.595.7233. Volunteers must be 21 years of age or older and be willing to commit to at least one year of advocacy. No special educational background or experience is required. Call today! Every child deserves a chance... It's You!