Name: Aryssa Cruz

Parents: Priscilla and Joe Cruz

~I plan on attending the University of Texas at Austin in the fall. I aim to earn a bachelor’s degree in Physiology, while minoring in the Pre-Optometry courses that they offer. Once I achieve that goal, I will transfer to the University of Houston of Optometry, where I will receive a doctorate in optometry.

~I am a four-year varsity member on the swim team, in HOSA, a member of Senior Class, and the treasurer for National Honor Society.

~I have had all ‘A’ honor roll throughout high school, gone to state two years for history fair, am a four-year coyote scholar, three-year regional qualifier for swim, two-year fighting heart award recipient for swimming, and I was nominated for the Corpus Christi Caller-Times/Citgo Distinguished Scholars. 

~The best advice I have ever received was from my dad. He has always told me to take life one step time. This taught me to take life one step at a time because these are the years that fly bye. This made me appreciate life so much more, to live in the moment, and celebrate the little things. I choose to enjoy life and and take it day by day. 

~In five years, I see myself just moving to Houston after earning a bachelor’s degree. I would be in the beginning stages of becoming an eye doctor.

~If I could change anything about this world, it would be to get rid of the violence. The world spends too much time fighting, when we need to fix the problems we face. Imagine the things we could get done and the lives we could change for the better if we just worked together. Arguing and conflict will not resolve any of the issues we need to solve. Together we can make a change and together we can change the world.

~If I could invite any three people to dinner, I would invite Michael Angelo because he is my favorite ninja turtle and he loves pizza just like me, Jodi Picoult to talk about her past and future book ideas, and finally, Taylor Swift because she knows who she is, is super creative, and is a genius when it comes to her music videos.

~Favorite Food: lasagna

~Favorite Book: 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult because of the different perspectives that are used to explain the plot and the twists hidden throughout the book.

~Favorite Movie: Mulan because she was brave and stood up to protect her family.

~Favorite City: Austin because it has so much life.

~Favorite Vacation Spot: Disney World because my family and I made memories that will last a lifetime.

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