Alan Wilson with the Rotary Club of Corpus Christi and the club are leading the Rotary Global Grant project in Guatemala.

On Nov. 15, Wilson was the guest speaker and visited with Rotarians and guest about how the Rotary Club of Alice has partnered with them to raise funds. Wilson also mentioned that some Rotary Clubs in the district and other districts to provide water to a village in Guatemala.

Guatemala is located in a Central American country south of Mexico.

The project teaches students, who have no electricity or running water, about hygiene. The project will be for two villages - Huitan and Cajola. Benefiting from the project will be four schools with a total of 1,300 students. The schools will have clean restrooms and private facility.

WASH in Schools in comes from Drink Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

In these two villages, the life span of humans is 42 years old. The project is to promote good personal hygiene, teacher training, water supply and sanitation system, and to promote gender equality.

This project has generated $37,000 from different Rotary clubs and matching global grant of $35,000 for a total of $72,000.