Woman arrested for threats at local grocery store

Angela Peterson was arrested after making threats at the local H-E-B on Saturday. Officers were dispatched to the store and met with an employee who stated that Peterson, an employee, was having issues with management due to hour cutbacks and other issues.

Peterson made comments such as "management was lucky nobody was around because the cops would have to be called and she would be leaving in handcuffs," "the Sutherland Springs Church shooting will happen here," and "you don't know me, I'm crazy," according to police.

Due to the comments, H-E-B management increased security for the safety of their customers and employees. Peterson was arrested on a terroristic threat. She was transported to the Jim Wells County jail. 

Snapshot to mugshot

On Monday, Nov. 13, officers were dispatched to a bar on the 1200 block of North Johnson in reference to a woman who pulled out a gun on a bartender. The bartender told officers a woman identified as Edolina Saenz was upset over a photograph of the bartender and Saenz's husband that was mailed to Saenz's residence. 

According to police, the photo was printed with a label that said "He loves me." The bartender told police Saenz was irate and pulled out a gun. 

Saenz was found at her residence on the 100 block of Tickle. Saenz was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She was transported to the JWC jail. 

Sexual assault arrest

A JWC Sheriff's Deputy conducted a traffic stop on Monday with Dorion Briones. Briones had a warrant out for his arrest in regards to a sexual assault that occurred in October.

According to police, Briones had taken the victim to go get food and made a detour near a shopping center where he "raped" the victim. The victim reported the assault to police immediately after being dropped off at her residence on the 1000 block of East Fourth Street. The victim was sent to the hospital.

Briones was charged with sexual assault and transported to the JWC jail.