For 10 strong years Kelli Palmarozzi has prosecuted criminal cases as her own way to help bring about world peace, but especially to help victims receive justice.

Palmarozzi became the new Assistant District Attorney in Duval County in September immediately taking and preparing cases to present to the grand jury, jury panels and judges.

“For me, I come to work everyday ready. The charges are all the same, but the set of facts are always different,” she stated. “The victims are always different. For me, coming to work is always about your victim.”

Palmarozzi grew up in Beaumont, TX with her family. She got went to Texas A & M - College Station to receive her Psychology Degree and than attended South Texas College of Law like her father and brother, both civil attorneys.

After passing the bar in 2006, she started her career in Houston, tried to be a civil attorney for “eight long months” and than worked in the Nueces County District Attorney's Office under Mark Skurka.

“I left the Nueces County DA's Office to get back into trial work,” Palmarozzi stated. “I will prosecute cases in Duval and Jim Hogg...Putting the time in, for me, is easy because there is always someone at the end of a case that you need to have justice for. Sometimes standing in the place for a victim who cannot or a person who doesn't understand they are a victim.”

Palmarozzi hopes to resolve cases that have been sitting in a case file for far longer than they should have been; reviewing cases that happened before she took her place as assistant district attorney. For Palmarozzi, each case needs justice, proper justice.