SAN DIEGO - The fight against cancer is not a journey that should be taken alone. In the month of October, the color pink is visible everywhere from clothes to advertising.

Pink, in every shade, represents breast cancer awareness.

On Wednesday, San Diego residences, of all ages, stood side-by-side for the annual breast cancer awareness walk as they raise awareness to a disease that doesn't care about gender, race or social-economic status.

"As a small community we've all been affected with different types of cancer," said Mayor Sally Lichtenberger. "Yes, the month of October is breast cancer awareness, but lets just fight all cancers period because it affects everyone in different ways."

Breast Cancer Fighter Vilma Barrientes told her ongoing battle with breast cancer.

Barrientes, a 28-year-old mother of three, recounted how she found a lump in her breast and with the help of her school instructors sought medical attention.

"One day I was at stage 2 the following week, at MD Anderson, they told me I was at a stage 3," Barrientes stated.

She has had 12 chemo therapy sessions since the start of her journey.

"I encourage all you ladies and men to go get checked...," Barrientes told the crowd. "Men are also known to get breast cancer. If you have loved ones, if you feel something don't wait, don't hesitate."

A ballon release was done in memory of everyone who lost their battle to the disease.