AUSTIN – The office of the Governor, Homeland Security Division, has awarded the City of San Diego and its police department, a Border Star Grant through its Local Border Security Program.

EMC Strategy Group, LLC, submitted the grant on behalf of the City of San Diego last April. The grant will provide the city $18,500 to be used for overtime pay for its police officers.

"It feels great to have this grant given back to the department," said San Diego Police Chief Richard Nava. "Patrol officers can now get overtime pay, but first and foremost the residents of San Diego as well as people passing through will get the more protection and service."

The Border Star Grant Program provides financial assistance for local police departments to disrupt gang activity, drug trafficking, and human trafficking. The city’s police department began its Border Star Program at the beginning of October and will continue the operation through October 1, 2018.

“We are excited to have submitted this successful grant on behalf of the City of San Diego, especially to get access to funds that will help keep the citizens of San Diego safe,” said EMC Strategy Group President and CEO Ernie Gonzalez. “We appreciate the support of State Representative Ryan Guillen and State Senators Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa and Judith Zaffirini, who have been extremely supportive of San Diego and making sure that smaller communities have increased access to public safety and homeland security grants.” 

Earlier this year Mayor Sally Lichtenberger, Mayor Pro-tem Shelly Gaitan, City Director Alleida Luera, and EMC’s Janice and Ernie Gonzalez participated in the San Diego Legislative Days at the State Capitol during the 85th Legislative Session to plead the city’s case for targeted funding for smaller communities for public safety, business and economic development, transportation and infrastructure, and quality of life grants.

State Representative Ryan Guillen championed legislation for public safety through the budget process, called a “rider.” New funding opportunities will become available in January 2018 and communities throughout the state will compete for part of the state’s budgeted grants.

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