Leaving in South Texas, the temperature throughout most of the year is fairly warm. Warm weather allows people to maintain their yard regularly, but working outside in the yard or garden can be dangerous as well.

According to Alice Fire Marshal Patrick Thomas, there has been two bee attacks in one week. He warns everyone to remember to BEE safe at all times.

Honey bees, wasp, yellow jackets and hornets can make their hives everywhere and doing yard work can arouse them.

“We can't assume that the bees are aggressive, but we should take precaution,” Thomas stated. “We need bees. They are a critical part of our environment.”

On Thursday, Alice firefighters were called out for a bee attack on an elderly couple who were cutting grass on private property on South Johnson Street. The couple's tractor ran over a tire that had a beehive inside. Hundreds of bees attacked the elderly couple as they ran for cover in their vehicle.

When Thomas and firefighters arrived the couple was still fighting off bees in their vehicle, Thomas stated.

Thomas removed the couple from the scene and took them to paramedics who began medical treatment. The were transported to the local hospital.

Attacks from aggressive bees may result in serious injury or even death.

Some bee safety tips are:

Check your property regularly for bee hives. Look for bees in areas before using power equipment. Check everything from animal burrows, water meter boxes, overturned flower pots, trees and shrubs. If you encounter a swarm, run as quickly as you can in a straight line away from the bees. Do not swing your arms at them, as this may further annoy them. Get to the closest house or car as quickly as possible. Don’t worry if a few bees become trapped with you, if several bees follow you into your car, drive about a quarter of a mile and let the bees out. Because bees target the head and eyes, cover your head as much as you can without slowing your escape. If no shelter is available, keep running. If you suffered multiple stings, seek medical attention immediately.