Leah Janice Fuentes is the daughter of George and Rebecca Fuentes.

She plans to further her education at Baylor University in Waco, Texas and receive a Master of Business Administration degree with plans to someday open her own business.

Clubs and positions: She is a four year Varsity Cheerleader and the Co-captain of this years cheerleading squad, a 4-time All-American cheerleader and received an invitation to tryout for the National Cheerleading Association (NCA) staff. She has been the 2016-2017 Junior Class Vice-President, NHS Member, Varsity Soccer, PALS Member and TAFE Participant.

The best advice Fuentes has ever received and that has stuck with her is from her mom. Every school morning since Pre-K her mother told her, “Be good. Make good choices” and those words run through Fuentes' mind everyday at school. From 5-years old walking into Schallert Elementary, to 18 years old driving herself to AHS, she still repeats the same advice daily.

In five years, Fuentes hopes to be finishing up a Master’s Degree while working on opening her own business.

If Fuentes could change anything about this world it would be the bullying issue in society. Although we are put through many bullying rallies, workshops and meetings, many teenagers and even adults are still bullying others to fulfill their own pain. She believes it starts with the bully and the first thing she would do is get the bully help. Fuentes is a firm believer that change starts with one brave person willing to stand up.

If she could invite three people to dinner her first guest would be Audrey Hepburn because through her movies and her giving lifestyle, she has been a role model Fuentes has always tried to follow. Her second guest would be Sandra Bullock. Fuentes imagines a dinner with Bullock would be hilarious and they would be crying from laughter the entire night. Her final guest would be Shane Dawson because he is her favorite Youtuber and he genuinely cares about the society we live in. Also because we share the same love for Taco Bell.

Favorite food: My grandma’s bean tacos.

Favorite book: Homecoming by Cynthia Voigt

Favorite movie: Mean Girls

Town in Texas: Dallas

Vacation: Disney World

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