The safety of students in college and school districts have been a major concern throughout the nation. With the recent shooting of an officer at Texas Tech the Rotary Club of Alice had a guest speaker from a local community college.

Dr. Kevin D. Behr is the director of public safety for Coastal Bend College for Alice, Beeville, Kingsville and Pleasanton. He is also a TECOLE Master Peace Officer who works with Beeville County Sheriff's Office.

Behr explained to the organization about how he came to be the director of public safety and what is job entails.

"Campus policing is very unique," he said. "Crime on campus is very low with the majority of the crimes reported being sexual assaults."

When Behr heard that campuses and universities would now let "responsible citizens" carry "concealed" handguns. Behr admitted that he was not against "responsible citizens" carry weapons, but he had some people who didn't understand the concept.

Behr does look at both sides of the coin on this issue. When he looks at campus security of all four CBC campuses he is thankful that their is an excellent relationship with local law enforcement.

He described to Rotarians how they plan and train for active shooter scenarios in the four campuses.