Little boys look to their fathers for guidance and inspiration as they grow into adulthood. For 13-year-old Jason Guerra, he has wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and now he hosts a radio show with his father.

Guerra is a eighth grade student at William Adams Middle School, but he has an extracurricular activity unlike his fellow classmates. Guerra is also known as DJ Lil J as a radio personality.

Guerra has joined his father, Jesse Guerra, also known as DJ Jesse Boy Guerra, on Fiesta 92.1. Fiesta 92.1 has introduced the first father and son radio duo in Alice.

Father and son go on-air Monday through Thursday from 7 to 10 p.m.

Jesse Guerra has been a DJ for 21 years. He has taught his son everything he needs to know about radio from setting up the radio systems to selecting the correct songs to play, depending on the event.

“I feel honored and blessed to have such a hobby. It's something I always wanted to learn,” DJ Lil J stated. “I come home from school with a list of requests from (my classmates.)”

According to Jesse Guerra, he has taught his son the ropes as they entertain at parties and other events around town.

“He's like a little celebrity,” he said. “He doesn't fear the mic. He knows what it takes to get the songs our listeners enjoy out on the radio. I can step away from the mic and let him do his thing.”

Fiesta 92.1 plays Tejano music, but DJ Lil J isn't as fluent in Spanish. However, he is learning at home with his family.

“It's about fun and it's a hobby,” Jesse Guerra said. “Having fun and he's making money doing so.”

DJ Lil J wants to continue being on the radio, but his dream career is in law enforcement. However, for now it's a radio show packed with fun and games.