Students and staff at Alice High School were evacuated from campus Wednesday after a bomb threat was reported by the superintendent to the police. According to police officials, investigators searched the campus, but declared the campus safe when they didn't find a bomb or other device.

According to the Alice ISD's Facebook, a note was found Wednesday that indicated a bomb would go of “tomorrow” so they called police during a campus fire drill.

Police Chief Rex Ramon was contacted about the threat and sent officers as well as Alice Fire Department personnel to investigate. While officers and fire personnel searched the campus, the students waited outside in 100 degree weather; a few took advantage of the campus trees and waited in the shade.

After some time the district officials decided to take the students to the football field where they were to be released to a parents or adult with proper identification.

When Trinidad Castillo received a text message from his daughter that a bomb threat had been made he rushed over to pick her up. Castillo remembers when he attended Alice HS and had someone make several bomb threats to the school.

"I thought not again....You just never know," he said. "The way the world works it's not a chance I want to take."

Some parents waited in line at the northwest side of the football field to sign their child(ren) out of school. Many of the parents were in consent communication with their children through phone calls or text messages as they attempted to pick up their child. However, according to sources, many parents, who didn't want to wait in line instructed their children to “jump the fence.”

The scene around the football field was in a state of chaos for parent Tanya Perez who expressed how ridiculous things were being handled.

"My daughter called to pick her up. They had been standing outside, in the heat, for about an hour or so because someone decided they would call in a bomb threat," Perez said, parent to two AHS students. "(Whoever) did this just wanted to get out of class."

Regardless of how many parents felt about the threat, they weren't taking chances with their children's lives and rushed to the football stadium they weren't.

Police did not arrest anyone for the threat.

"Please help us educate students that threats are taken seriously and days missed will need to be made up. The safety of our students is our main concern. We are working as a team to keep them safe," Anna Holmgreen, Alice ISD Assistant Superintendent read from an Alice ISD Facebook post.