BEN BOLT – What many Texans see as a symbol of fast food became the theme for the sophomore class at Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco High School's decorating contest.

Students at BB-PB High School have celebrated the upcoming homecoming football game with several activities throughout the week. One activity has turned a hallway into the Whataburger Hall. For their creativity, the sophomore class earned first place in the decorating contest between the sophomores, junior and senior classes.

Whataburger is a Texas franchise that specializes in burgers. In Jim Wells County, there are two fast food restaurants which stay open 24 hours a day, attracting many people of all ages for late night meals.

Each class had to decorate a hall to show their football spirit.

“A friend of mine brought up the Whataburger theme,” said sophomore Ramon Jaime. “It took three days of work. We decided to go with the suggested theme because it made sense to us. We all eat Whataburger and some of the football players have made a tradition of eating a meal from there before the game.”

The hall was decorated with orange and white balloons and streamers, the sophomore class hung up pictures of burgers and actual salt and pepper packs from the ceiling. On one wall was a menu. The menu had the names of players with a price of "$20.20," the year of their intended graduation.

When the Whataburger area supervisor heard about the Whataburger Hall, she had to visit. Rosanna Mendiola was amazed at how creative the students got.

“I was completely speechless,” Mendiola stated. “It's an honor to be recognized by high school kids. They did an amazing job.”

After pictures with Mendiola, she thanked the students promising free meals and nik-naks.

In the seventh, eighth and ninth grade class category, seventh grade won first place with their "Boys of Fall" theme.