Freer – Death is part of life that affects everyone, but for one woman she used her brother's suicide to try and help others understand suicide.

For the second year, Melissa Mireles coordinated s suicide awareness seminar in Freer. She invited Duval County and Freer leaders to speak about the dangers of one's own thoughts and how to spot the warning signs of suicide.

A small group of residents gathered at the Freer Civic Center.

“After loosing my brother to suicide we decided to try and bring awareness about suicide so we can try and prevent it if we can,” Mireles posted on Facebook. “There is help and people willing to listen anybody needs help or someone to talk to.”

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the united States that claims 44,193 American lives per year, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. For every one suicide there are 25 attempted suicides.

The past two years, the event has been small. However, Mireles believes that the event will grow each year.

“Hope to see more people supporting suicide prevention awareness....our little community has been affected by suicide tremendously over the years,” Mireles stated.