Alice High School's JROTC showed their fun side during the annual lock-in Friday night. From approximately 10 p.m. till 6 a.m. JROTC cadets and their guests unplugged from the outside world for a chance to learn about military work all while incorporating fun.

The event started in 2010 when a JROTC member wanted to start a traditional that would help recruit potential members.

“The purpose of the lock-in is to show the different dimensions that the program has. We'll talk to the students, especially those who may want to join, about how it builds character through hard work and fun,” said Cadet Lt. Colonel Dominick Vicente. “The students get to interact with each other while phones are allowed many chose not put their phones down for a game of basketball, football or dodgeball.”

The night was filled with face-to-face conversations, playing boards games and food. Some attendees chose to unplug from the electronics, but several took in electronic games.

“It's a fun night where we show our fellow classmates that we aren't all about shouting out commands,” said Cadet Colonel Albert Taboada. “It's also a great way to start the beginning of a new school year.”

Taboada, Vicente and every JROTC cadet wanted to thank local businesses such as Stars, Chicken Express, Dairy Queen, Dairy Burger, Whataburger, New York Joes and Little Caesars for their sponsorship.

Members of the AHS' JROTC live by core values; Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence in All We Do.